At California College of Music, we believe that access to an excellent college music education should be made available to everyone, and we are proud to be one of the most affordable private music colleges in California. Comparable schools often charge more than $40,000 per year for tuition alone. In order to help alleviate the student debt crisis and create a society which includes more economically empowered musicians, California College of Music has set tuition costs that are among the lowest available for a high-quality private college music education.


The full-time base tuition at California College of Music is $4,080 per quarter ($16,320 annually) for domestic students and $5,700 per quarter (equal to $22,800 annually) for international students. The majority of our students receive financial support in the form of talent-based scholarship awards (available to all students) and need-based economic tuition reductions (for eligible students), which can significantly bring down your cost of tuition. Click here to learn more about the financial support offered by California College of Music.

PREPARATORY QUARTER TUITION: Base tuition for the Preparatory Quarter program is lower, at $3,000 domestic and $4,000 international for 8 weeks of instruction.

PART-TIME TUITION: Domestic students are also eligible for part-time study status (8 to 11 unit courseload), at the reduced tuition rate of $2,750 per quarter.

Associate of Science in Performance / 6 Quarters
$34,200 (International)

Certificate in Performance / 4 Quarters
$22,800 (International)

Certificate in Songwriting & Music Production / 4 Quarters
$22,800 (International)

Apprentice in Performance / 2 Quarters
unavailable (International)

Preparatory Quarter / 8 Weeks
$4,000 (International)