preparatory quarter program (summer & winter quarters)

The Preparatory Quarter (1 quarter, 8 weeks) is designed for students who wish to establish fundamental skills sufficient to prepare themselves for collegiate study in popular music. Students who complete this program are empowered with the basic knowledge, skills, and confidence to audition for collegiate programs at California College of Music, or undergraduate programs in popular music at other institutions. Click here to begin your Preparatory Quarter Application.

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NOTE: Please click here for the application for the Preparatory Quarter Program.

PROGRAM PURPOSES: The purposes of the Preparatory Quarter program are:

  • to introduce students to the musical language,
  • to acquaint students with the study of instrumental or vocal performance;
  • to establish basic familiarity with the keyboard and note-naming;
  • to establish a functional understanding of the basics of music theory;
  • to develop fundamental aural skills including interval recognition;
  • to instill a fundamental understanding of rhythm;
  • to develop a basic understanding of music notation;
  • to prepare students to audition for college-level programs in popular music,
  • to prepare students for collegiate study in popular music.



APP DEADLINE: June 5th, 2023
LATE APP DEADLINE: June 19th, 2023 (Late Fee $70)
CLASSES START: June 20th, 2023