OVERVIEW: Part-Time Study Status at California College of Music is NOT a program in and of itself. Part-Time Study Status enables any student who meets all admissions and audition requirements to enroll in any of our college-level programs (with the exception of the Preparatory Quarter program) may be taken with the status of part-time study, which is defined as maintaining a courseload of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 11 units.

LENGTH: Part-time study status doubles the length of our existing approved programs.

Apprentice in Music Performance program: 30 units over 4 quarters/12 months [18 months maximum timeframe]

Certificate in Music Performance program: 60 units over 8 quarters/24 months [36 months maximum timeframe]

Artist Development Certificate program: 60 units over 8 quarters/24 months [36 months maximum timeframe]

Associate of Science in Music Performance degree program: 90 units over 12 quarters/36 months
[54 months maximum timeframe]

PURPOSES: The purposes each invididual program do not change with part-time study status. The purposes of the Part-Time Study Status itself are:

  • to accommodate students who would be unable to commit to a full-time program for personal, professional, financial, and/or medical reasons,
  • to enable adult enrichment by lessening the time commitment of the programs,
  • to give students time with which to pursue professional objectives.

TUITION & FEES: Tuition shall be set at 66.6666% of basic full-time program tuition. Base full-time tuition is currently defined as $4,080 per quarter, therefore part-time tuition is currently set at $2,720 per quarter.

APPLICABILITY OF CREDIT AND TRANSFER TO FULL-TIME STUDY STATUS: Students who enroll in a part-time program accrue college credit towards program completion. Students who elect to change status from part-time to full-time must simply sign a new Enrollment Agreement reflecting their study status and new projected completion date.

PLEASE NOTE: International students must maintain a minimum courseload of 12 units at all times, and therefore are ineligible for part-time study status, with the exception of DSO-approved emergency circumstances that meet the requirements of federal law as defined by the Department of Homeland Security.