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Please use your legal name. No nicknames and/or stagenames.

Please review CCM's Students With Disabilities policy, and explain your physical or mental impairments in detail above.

What were your search terms?

What was the magazine/publication?

Which college fair?

Which social media platform?

Please provide the name of the CCM graduate who recommended our program.


*The 6-month Apprentice program is not available to international students.

Part-Time students are not eligible to apply for a Talent-based Scholarship

Do you intend to apply for any Financial Support assistance?Select all that you intend to apply for

*International Students are not eligible for Economic Tuition Reduction & Veteran's Benefits


All applicants must submit a Personal Statement of at least 250 words that answers the following questions:

1. We admit students who possess a strong sense of commitment to popular music. How long have you been making music? What are your long-term musical goals?

2. We admit students with strong artistic sensibilities. Who or what provides you with artistic inspiration as a musician? Which styles or subgenres of popular music are you most interested in?

3. We help students achieve their personal goals in music. In what areas do you hope you will improve or develop the most by attending California College of Music?

4. Certificate in Songwriting & Music Production APPLICANTS ONLY
At least one submission must be a work that you produced in some way. Qualifying types of music production include, but are not limited to, recording and/or mixing audio, programming MIDI instruments, and inserting and manipulating audio samples. Please provide a brief written explanation of your involvement in the production of at least one of your submissions.

Note: 250 words is approximately 1275 characters.


Please provide your Video Audition links via YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting site.

Please make sure the Video Audition you post follows our current Video Audition Requirements.