The Drum Performance curriculum at California College of Music is designed to quickly develop excellent technique on the drums. You will focus on mastery of grooves and drum beats common in popular styles, unwavering tempo, accurate sight-reading, and perfect “pocket,” enabling you to excel as a pro drummer in a variety of musical contexts. By sitting on the drum throne as the primary timekeeper for CCM’s various ensembles, you’ll gain the skills and experience to accept nearly any drum gig or recording session with confidence. Through our extensive drumset technique courses, groove labs, and personalized private lessons, our talented drum and percussion instructors will help you achieve a highly nuanced sense of time and feel. You will perform on drums frequently alongside your fellow CCM drum majors, as well as our world-renowned faculty members, who have deep experience as drummers in the music industry and in academia. They will serve you as supportive mentors, guiding you in all styles of modern drumming including rock, funk, jazz, blues, Latin, & more.

At California College of Music, you’ll participate in an engaging hands-on popular music education that constantly challenges you to take your talent on the drums to new heights. Our immersive environment directly mirrors the ever-evolving music industry. You’ll learn to anchor the rhythm section and effectively support lead players as you explore a diversity of rhythmic styles and learn how to master the musical instrument you’re most passionate about. California College of Music is the smartest first step on your journey towards becoming a highly sought-after professional drummer.

drum emphasis is available within the following performance programs:

associate degree