10/10/1992 is a singer-songwriter of zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture.  In Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, United States (Boston), Nagasaki, Brazil, Tokyo, childhood and adolescents spend in America (Greenwich), Myanmar, Kenya, and Switzerland.  In 2011, opened the concert of Eastern Japan earthquake reconstruction assistance in Kenya seeking professional singers in the wake.  In the United States, Los Angeles at the California College of music Michael • studied vocalization to Oren Water served as a background chorus of Jackson.  2013, Billboard’s RB charts for several weeks, recorded the first Motown group “Troop” member Jon Jon and played in a Duet.

United friendly match in all Japan Women’s year, held in San Diego and long beach, Valley to sing the national anthem. 1/2014, Quincy • Jones, John • enrolled at the Berkeley School of music, has produced many renowned musicians, such as Mayer. Currently, contemporary lighting • enrolled in the production department. Selected concerts on campus leading to appearances two years straight as the first Japanese men.  Also while on campus together top singers in the world of the first Japanese Vocal Department awards are chosen. To the music genres such as pop, jazz, Enka, utilizing language skills developed in a global environment, flexibility, and variety of experiences.  In the Church known for its expressive power and sensitivity, ranging from the base tenor sing songs. So far, national a cappella champions, woman of the world and Grammy Award winner Zac Brown Band and the solo singing.

By the year 2015, participated in the recordings of Grammy Award winner Bill Whelan.  Later that year, Arlington Friends of Drama at a community theater in Boston, took part in the musical ‘ A Chorus Line ‘ as Roy. In addition, Boston as “River song brother” pup.com.  The event attracted 130 children in the 8/2015.  He was stage director Boston Japan Festival attract visitors of 60000 people starting in 2016. Recently, to domestic and foreign artists as an English translation of the lyrics and top liner also provides musical has done.




WEBSITE: https://www.taigakunii.com
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/tkunii