Raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Ma Nala’s family and friends affectionately call her Pheshy, which is how she was known during her time at CCM. “Ma Nala” is her clan name, and so she has chosen that name as her preferred stage name. Early on, her late father introduced her to blues, R&B, and jazz through his job as a DJ at Radio Ciskei and Algoa FM in the Eastern cape of Africa. Exposed to many different types of music, Ma Nala gravitated towards R&B and soul, which she studied extensively during her time at CCM, graduating with her Associate Degree in Voice Performance in 2014. Since returning to South Africa, she has begun working as recording artist in sessions at Tea Time Studios in Johannesburg. Her single “Tryna Find Love” was released to Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon in February of 2017, receiving strong reviews.


SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/user-565065401